Monday, September 29, 2014

This week was a BLUR

September 29, 2014

Have you ever seen "Bye Bye Birdie?" I'm assuuuuuuuming that you have because we are friends. Or acquaintances. Or you happened to stumble upon my blog in some strange way and have the chicken pox and nothing else to do so you decided to read on. If that is the case, Welcome! If the case is that we are friends, then you must know how I love musicals. And if you are my dad, then you will remember that I used to beg to rent the VHS of Bye Bye Birdie almost every weekend. 

Cue: swoon. 

Well. This morning reminded me of a song in the play/movie called "the telephone hour." You have my permission to look it up on YouTube before continuing on, unless you are a missionary then you have my permission to wait until the end of your mission to look it up. 

(la dee da. elevator music.) 

Good song, right? Yes. So, this morning at 10:00 a.m. was the telephone hour because transfers news came in. And after we found out, we had to call aaaaaaaaall the people we talk to/know that….

1. I am staying in San Bernardino for my last transfer and 
2. Hermana McCartt is moving to Fontana. 

"Wait" you say, "then who is your new companion?" well. I'm going to tell you, and you might notice that it has a familiar wong to it. That's right; Hermana Wong and I are going to be companions again!!!!!!!! woo hoo! If you can't remember, it is she who is "ravishing with a touch of class" as the man at the library described her. I'm so excited to finish my last transfer with her! 

This week was a BLUR. Would it be too repetitive of me to just make another list of the things we did? going once, going twice, o.k. here we go. 

1. Watched a special V.I.P. screening of the new movie "Meet the Mormons" that will be entering theaters October 10th 
2. Volunteered at " the lighthouse for the blind" 
3. Sorted and bagged avocados for 3 hours 
4. Went to a ward "clothing exchange" (everyone brings the clothes that they don't wear anymore and swap) 
5. Planned for the baptisms next week
6. Watched the women's session of general conference  
7. Literally set up an entire playground for a Lutheran church  

Whew! WOW! Or WAW is should say for “What A Week!” But the truth of this tale is that you NEED TO GO SEE MEET THE MORMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the beeeeeeeeeeeest movie in the history of PG rated cinema. And we all know that PG is the best rating out there.  It is something to invite your friends to because all it does is follow the lives of 6 Mormons and how they incorporate the teachings of Jesus Christ in their If I was a trailer, I would fail because that does NOT do the movie justice. It is funny and heart warming and tear-jerky and soooooo good. The people are really cool. like the head coach for the Navy football team, a female boxer in Costa Rica, a world war 2 hero, a humanitarian etc. so, your homework for this week is to GO TO THE MOVIES and see Meet the Mormons! Especially opening weekend --October 10th. O.k. love you. WRITE ME LETTERS since I only have 6 more weeks to faint with joy when I receive snail mail, plus I just love hearing from you! 

-Hermana Thomas 

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