Monday, September 8, 2014

It's the people that you meet when you're walking down the's the people that you meet each day!

September 8, 2014

"There I was just a' walking down the street singing doo wa dee dee dee dee dum dee dee doo." 

Actually I was probably singing "i am a child of god, and he has sent me here" which is what my companion and I always sing when those rap beats be bumping along the street. (don't worry, full beat boxing included.) 

When a guy suddenly stops us. 
"I didn't see you at church today." 
we look at each other. "Did you go to church?"
 "Nah. That’s probably why I didn't see you." 
I like this guy already. 
Turns out he is Native American, and a very firm follower of Jesus Christ. He said that many of his friends tease him for not following more closely the "native ways" but "Jesus created all of this for us anyway, man. I mean, He's the God of everything." 

Yeah. He's one of those people around whom your find yourself fighting the urge to say "dude" and "man" every other sentence.....Man it was refreshing to talk to "a fellow traveler in this journey." 

He promised to come to a service project this weekend. So- will keep you posted. 

The scene changes:

I shut the car door and step onto the sidewalk. I see this guy eyeballing' us. "Hey are you giving out free bibles?" 


"They're LIKE the bible in that they're records of God's dealing with ancient civilizations. Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon?" 

"You guys are Mormon? Man, I ALWAYS defend you guys. You guys get a bad rap." (Amen brother)

Turns out he is looking for a new church and is really interested in learning more. 

Five minutes later. (Actually, like 45 minutes later, because we talked to that guy for a while) 

"Hi. Are you guys Mormons?"
(Why as a matter of fact we are.)
"O.k. that's cool." witi witi cajeta (I just found out yesterday that that's like bla bla bla in spanish) 

"So I'm diabetic, and I'm waiting on disability. I'm living at the Lutheran Church over there on the corner but I'd like to go to your church tomorrow." 

People are cool. I love getting to wear a nametag that basically gives me free license to talk to anyone and everyone. We sometimes miss out on the coolest people because we never introduce ourselves and we miss the best missionary opportunities because we don't open our mouths when we walk in the street. 

-Hermana Thomas 

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