Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A quick but delightsome photo tour

Well here we are again. The blog. 

Well I should probably start by saying that one of our investigators got baptized this week. She is incredible! Would it be incredibly lame to just take you on a picture tour of my week?....i don't hear any objections so let's begin! 

on your left we see dinner with a recent convert (and his family who refused to be in the picture)  
and straight ahead if you walk quickly you will catch a glimpse of the rare "baptism photo" in it's natural color of white. 
next we have a an hermana thomas in mint condition, with original accessories of spanish hymn book and flute.  

well. sorry folks, that is this week's snippit with the snippit of time I had left. love you all! 

-Hermana Thomas

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