Monday, November 11, 2013

My week, newspaper style

Sorry for the week late post! Via la mom was out of Internet range for the last 11 days. The good news in you'll get two new posts from Hope back to back!

November 4, 2013

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's seven investigators at an "Oktoberfest" party held in November!

Confused? So was I. But who can complain when there are tostadas to be eaten, dancing to be watched, and friends to be made?! Plus, the night ended with a free frosty from my very generous and oh-so-Wendy's-loving companion. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

In sadder news (the obituaries section in the newspaper of my week) nobody came to church this week. None of our investigators, I mean.  It's funny how they all show up when there's dancing and free food involved, but take away the tortillas and suddenly everyone has much more important things to do. (Sigh) Probably one of the worst feelings as a missionary is waiting before church starts, eagle-eye-ing both doors while the clock clicks from 10:55 slowly to 11:00. As the minutes pass you realize that everyone that promised-promised-promised they would come, is probably still asleep. Which is no excuse because it was daylight savings for crying out loud. Sad. Obituary of the spiritual awakening it could have been.

Flipping on over to the comic strip section of my week, I got locked into a member's front entryway just outside their door. ---I was on exchanges with Hermana Howe, and we went to go see one of her members and have a lesson. It turns out that they weren't there, but they have a little cage thing that you have to go through in order to reach their doorstep. I guess we shut it a little too hard and got locked in! Luckily it wasn't for very long, but we must have looked so strange to anyone passing by: two little sister missionaries trying to wrestle their way out of a cage!

In the international section, I made two (count them TWO) puns in complete Spanish this week!! Granted, they weren't my BEST… but still!

Please enjoy this randomly placed photo of me standing by a sign that doesn't say my name..........but close enough.

I suppose the Headline of this week was: learned, had fun, need a nap.

-Editor in Chief
Hermana Thom

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