Monday, October 28, 2013

Trick Or Treating is ALMOST like being a missionary. Poetic proof

October 28, 2013

Hello fellow Octoberins! This week was our ward's Halloween party (success constituted by how much sugar was pumped into my bloodstream) -- and I have pictures of our costumes!

 As you can see, I am OBVIOUSLY an Hermana Deroche, and she is OBVIOUSLY an Hermana Thomas. If you can't tell who is who (because our costumes are so good) she is the one wearing my butterfly shirt.

Also, as editor-in-chief of this blog, I have made the executive decision and thus decree: every holiday I will compose a poem of some kind to accompany the sentiments of the season.

Halloween poem 2013:  

It feels like it's summer, though time's flying by.
For the next 7 months… I'll be stuck in July.
But a small indication October is here
Is the laughing and screaming of Halloween fear.

Princesses, pirates, and minions alike
Are preparing themselves for their infamous strike.
From sidewalk to sidewalk and doorbell to door
They wait in suspense for the candy in store.

Tasting one night what WE do all day
Waiting on doorsteps and hoping they'll say:
"You’re welcome to be here" or "please take a seat."
For the things that WE offer are surely more sweet…

Than a king size "Take 5" or a truck load of “Mounds”
For we offer a life where forgiveness abounds.
So the next time we come knocking doors on your street,
Please open you're door. Not a trick, it's a treat.

-Hermana Thomas

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  1. Love this Halloween poem. I gotta send it to Bethany. The message she gives is a treat!