Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fried Onion Rebellion

October 15, 2013 (Blog post delayed due to the library’s faithful observance of Columbus Day.)

Surprise! My mission president told us we could email today instead of Monday because of the closed libraries and all that jazz!

I would like to start this week off with a picture since I have been told that I am lacking in that department. First of all, if you have ever been my companion [-well, if you have ever been my companion then you should not be on my blog right now missy, because you're still on a mission!] But if you HAD been one of my companions, you would be well acquainted with a little something I affectionately call "onion day."

So about one or two times a week, I fry an onion, and eat it for lunch (along with some greens or something else equally complimentary with onions) which is all well and good, except that the onion fumes make everyone cry, and the apartment smells like onions for the next day and a half. This week, I walked in to some less-than-subtle picket signs taped to my wall.

........ In response, the objectors mysteriously received a letter from the "Secret Russian Experimental Onion Society" explaining to them the necessity of agent 00739 (civilian name "Hermana Thomas") eating onions.....nevertheless, I think we'll take a little break from "onion day" for a while.

I have limited time today, so we'll skip straight to this week's thought:

Change is good.

Many people are afraid of change, even if it's for the better.  I believe the fear is tied to the fact that one cannot be 100% guaranteed of the desired result. This is something I have been thinking about as the leaves here have failed to change color, the temperature has not dropped below 80 degrees.  In fact, the only indication that it's autumn is the month and date on my calendar. Here’s the metaphor: Many people would love to live in a continuous "summer" of life, but the truth is that it drags on, gets old, and prevents self-improvement. I am missing the fresh October breezes, sweater weather, and the throat and hand-warming apple cider of fall.  And in my longing I recognize the importance of change.  

If you find yourself stuck in one "season" in life, change the "degrees" in which you do things. For example, maybe it's time to start focusing more on family. Maybe you should learn a new skill. And it’s always a great season to strengthen our relationship with God and improve our spirituality.

Go ahead, jump into positive change, the weather's fine!

-Hermana Thomas

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