Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Birthday and Merry Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2013

Just in case you are reading this after Thursday; and you've  eaten so much that you're now more turkey than human, and there is an illegal percentage of gravy in your bloodstream, I decided to make things easier for you. Instead of making you read a whole long blog post with lots of words and syllables and thinking (oh the horror!)  I'm giving you a week in pictures. so. Picture this:

In honor of Hermana Deroche's 20th birthday, Hermana Thomas made a pianta complete with letters from everyone in the zone. If it looks like it was finger painted, that's because it was. finger painted with love.

Obviously our parties our not quite up to Mexican par. (piñata tied to a ceiling vent hit with an empty soda bottle.)

For post- birthday P-day we went to a European car dealership to? look at pretty cars? (can anyone explain this to me?)

 And then got free lunch at a member's restaurant. (No need to explain this one. I am very fluent in the language of melted cheese with beans on the side.)

Happy birthday Hermana Deroche!
And a very merry thanksgiving to all of you!
~Hermana Thomas

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