Monday, November 18, 2013

I almost cried. Yeah, yeah, I'm such a sister missionary!

November 18, 2013

The things of which I have to tell you are so many. The time with which I have to write you is so little. With these unspecifically vague numbers (that redundantly meant the same thing) I invoke the olde tyme saying "you do the math."   

cosa numbero UNO:

 (if you don't know what "uno" means, you were severely deprived of card games as a child): This week we had a MISSION CONFERENCE!!!! i.e. every single missionary within the Redlands mission drove to the mission office and had the most spiritual 6 hours of our lives!!!!

There were speakers from almost every stake in our mission and they gave the most eloquent talks and suggestions and insights and promises. I love being a missionary!!!! One of my favorite parts of the conference was when a stake president read a scripture with us that says "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." (D&C 82:10) He talked about how, as the Lord, He literally cannot lie. There are Specific blessings for each commandment and when you keep them he WILL give you those blessings. It's not subjective; it's as much of an equation as 7 X 7 = 49.

yeah. Being a missionary is so amazing!

next cosa.

So we have this investigator named Enrique (my alias for him) He's AWESOME! He’s 19 and we've met with him about 3 times.

-------necessary insert-------

One of the HARDEST things to ask people to do is go to church. It's amazing how many excuses there are and how many of them sound valid. With work, family time, caching up on sleep and a million other things that are "more important" it's hard to help people put into perspective how much MORE important it is to go to church. We’ll talk about it at a later date.

So we asked him to come to church about 2 times, but he always has to work on Sundays. We talked about why church attendance was so important and how much it could bless his life, but as a new employee he didn't think he'd be able to come for a while. So this week we forgot to call him before church to remind him (bad Hermana Thomas.)  And half way through the first hour I look over and ENRIQUE CAME!!!! all by himself, nice clothes, singing the songs, pretty much a rock star. and not only THAT, but he stayed for all three hours, AND told us that he asked for all Sundays off so that he could keep coming.

I almost cried. 

Yeah, yeah, I'm such a sister missionary. But I can't even describe to you the joy that you feel when you see someone start to take ACTIVE steps to come unto Christ and learn more about his church. It's like that moment when you give someone a piece of your favorite treat, and you know that they're just about to taste and LOVE it! Only times about a million bazillion. Or round abouts there.

cosa three:

Decided to take two pictures of my new "typical" 

1. Officially turned into a Californian. I get so cold in 70-degree weather that I have to study Spanish in sweat pants.

 2. This is the story of my life. Everybody in my apartment gets a letter except for Hermana Thomas. So they "LETTER" open the junk mail so that she doesn't feel left out.

 ladies and gentlemen, I love you.
-Hermana Thomas

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