Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks-giving in prose and pictures

I promised you holiday poems, and here is my (late) one for Thanksgiving.

What I'm grateful for, Mish Edish. (mission edition)

for good water pressure, for toilets that flush
got a nose, got some toes, more than 3 teeth to brush  
 At this point right now, I do not have to cram
for impending, dooms-day-like college exams

for the on-the-go-corndogs for out-the-door lunch
the occasional leaf on the sidewalk to crunch.
for those two-for-one sales on ice cream (mint chip)
that my kindly companion will loan me her slip

that she no longer squeals when I go to change lanes
that my chapstick smells fondly of mint candy canes
for those tan sock-y things that I wear with my flats
the people 'round here that own dogs and not cats 

the apartment I sleep in is way beyond par
for excedrin at home, benadryl in the car
that my Spanish, though simple, is starting to flow 
por las fotos de gente a que le amo 

for support from my friends, for my nephews I miss
for the people right now that are looking at this
though I'm not at my home to share holiday cheer
I'm so grateful to be on a mission this year.

And you may now enjoy these photos. hooray!

the cutest little kid ever! (twin nephews excluded) we had a good time playing with the mini skateboard and "skate jump" featured on the table.

another mission birthday! Elder cebreros (shown here) and his companion had birthdays within 3 days of eachother. needless to say there hads been some serious fiesta-ing going on. -we sang "22" to him by taylor swift, but he was on his mission when it came out....awkward.

 our ward's missionaries. please ignore the angelic glow around us. 

My heart is so full of gratitude and love,

con carino

Hermana Thomas 

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