Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't see people as furniture in your life

December 16, 2013

I may or may not be nutritionally deprived today so I will patiently wait as you all lower your blog standards......thank you.  

Tis the season.
And If you are Hermana Wong, tis the sneeze-on. Poor girl has been fighting a cold all week, although we are not fighting THE cold. (I'm pretty sure that the last time I looked at our car thermometer it said 60 degrees.)

Let us take a moment and get to know the lovely Hermana Wong. She is from Alaska, but both of her parents are from Samoa. if I had to describe her with four nouns they would be volleyball, xxxtra flaming hot Cheetos, fresh salmon, microphone.

---- As I was sitting here I said to her “Hermana, I'm trying to describe you" and the person sitting next to me on the computer said "ravishing with a touch of class." and then we started talking. It turns out that he is a writer for a magazine, but he used to be an entertainment lawyer. I asked him all about Hollywood (since I'm thinking of going into movie production) and he explained to me all about Beverly Hills life and how shallow it is. --It just reminded me of how much everyone needs the gospel, the "good news" that we have. Here is this man, cast out of Hollywood for his age, having been surrounded by celebrities and superficiality his whole life, who now sits at the local library working for $80.00 a article as an entertainment writer for a magazine sold in grocery stores. And yet our Heavenly Father is mindful of him and loves him more than you or I can comprehend. How much responsibility we have to open our mouths and share the joyous message of Christ with our brothers and sisters.

I used my writing time talking to my newfound neighbor, but I encourage you to think of the people you see this week not as furniture in your life, but as real people with real stories aching to find the truth of The gospel of Jesus Christ. Then... share it.

love love love,
Hermana Thomas  

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