Friday, May 24, 2013

Cannibalism is NOT part of our church

May 24, 2013

Greetings from fat camp! no,no not the kind where you start out fat and they make you skinny, the kind where you start out skinny and they fatten you up.
for reals though.

I don't know why, but the MTC must have some policy about having chichen at every single meal. there's fried chicken, grilled chicken, baked chicken, chicken fajitas, chicken salads, chichen tenders, chicken patties, chichen burgers, chicken tacos, chicken burritos, and chicken fried steak (yep, that's real.) The church much have some serious stock in a chicken company.

It's great here! I've effectivly made friends with anyone who has any accent of any kind whatsoever, (basically because their voices make me swoon) and now I know people from countries whose names I can't even pronounce!

I'm technically on my third week here, but I guess I'm still adjusting becasue every two or three days I'll see a pair of elders walking somewhere with their nametags and go "look! missionaries!" It's pretty sad, really.

Also, the time here is super warped. A common saying is "The days are like weeks and the weeks are like days." I could not discribe it any better. The days go on foreeeeeeever and then you blink and it's P-day again.

So here's a funny story from one of our lessons yesterday: we were teaching an "investigator of the church" a.k.a. my teacher pretending to be a non-member, and it was our "first time meeting her." I thought we were doing pretty well until we said a closing prayer.


A little bit of Spanish background:
There are two words that kinda sound the same.
conocer: to meet
cocinar: to cook


so in the prayer I said "thank you for the opportunity to cook Elva"
Yeah. It was awkward. cannibalism is NOT part of our church.

Speaking of prayers, I hope you guys are feeling like quadrupally blessed because I pray for you ALLLLLLL the time. Partly because I love you so much, and partly because my spanish vocabulary is extreamly limited. It's getting better though, because we pray (no joke, I counted) 10-12 times a day.


If I learn no other Spanish by the time I leave, I will be profish at spouting off prayers.

I love you, I adore you, I pray for you, and I basicially pass out with indescribable joy whenever I receive a letter.;.... like they have to have professional resucitators on hand just in case you write me......(more or less.)

muchas amore y amore y amore

Hermana Thomas

"So for my photo this week, I thought you'd all enjoy a picture that one of the Elders drew of me.........draw your own conclusions about my mood"

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  1. I judge by this photo that el padre de Hermana Thomas es uno dentisto. (Perhaps there is a different translation for that latter that means man who looks down in the mouth.)