Saturday, June 1, 2013

My brain is officially in mish-mode

May 31, 2013

Hola hola fam and Ameegs! (my little shortcut for Amigos)

So I am officially fluent.

in spanglish. Heavy on the GLISH.

but seriously. I am thinking and talking in spanish so much that I'm questioning my current fluency in english.  This is especially sad because I don't actually know that much Spanish either. Basically I can understand the words El evangelio, Las Escrituras, El Helado, or Hermana.

Speaking of "hermana," there is a strong possibility that I may be going through an identity crisis. I get called so many different things during the day that I'm getting suspicious. My current theory is that I'm in the spanish witness protection program and no one has told me.
things people call me:

My Companion-----------------Hermana
My Teachers--------------------Hermana Thomas
The Elders in my district--------Seester Thomas
People who don't know me but want to get my attention---------Hey, You! Sister!
People who knew me in my pervious Thomas!
People who read my nametag really fast because they forgot my name--------Sister Thomson
People who write me letters-------------------Esperanza/Hope/Sis Thomas/Sista
I don't even know who I am anymore.

Speaking of identity crisises, can we all agree that Mr. Mac and Downeast are making BANK off this new missionary age change? Every girl I see here has the same three skirts, which happen to be the same three skirts I have.  I just know that the owners of Downeast and Mr. Mac are on some island somewhere sipping non-alcoholic pina coladas, and toasting to the generation of 94ers and 95ers.

In other news, my subconscious has finally accepted the fact that I'm on a mission. For the first couple of weeks here I would always dream about being home, or at BYU, and when I woke up, it was hard to adjust back to the MTC vida. (life) But This week I had a dream that I was in the MTC (granted it was a dream about being sent home,  but we can all ignore that) and I take that as a sign that my brain is officially in mish-mode.

It's a blast here though. I really have grown to love the MTC, despite all of its quirkiness. sometimes you have to just laugh because things are so ridiculous, and accept that it's not perfect, but that the gosple is. I am truly converted over and over again every day. The continuous spirit here is so strong that it's exhausting. I feel like smiling and singing all the time. well......97.8% of the time. The other 2.2% I'm deciding between day-old fried chicken, and cold chicken "enchiladas" (I don't think the kitchen really knows what an enchilada is.)

Well. Hasta luego mis amores! As always, If you write me I will do a triple-twisty-turn-365 degree-half-gainer-backflip.......which is really difficult in a skirt. (and also probably not allowed so I'll probably just smile and read it 87 times instead.)

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (can you tell I'm feeling a little hug deprived?)

-Hermana thomas

Mom addition: These photos were snapped by friends who serendipitously caught Hope and her companion in the act of being missionaries this past week and then kindly sent them along to her fam fans!


  1. Her emails are so fun to read. She is an excellent writer. Hopefully she will taste real, delicious enchiladas when she gets to CA. I keep looking for her at the temple but no luck!

  2. Never mind the t-shirt. I thought it stood for junk mail, not pre-digested ham in a can. Carry on!