Friday, June 14, 2013

So. Can you believe it? I'm off to California

June 14, 2013

raise your hand if you live in perpetual tiredness.

aha! Those of you who raised your hands are all mentiras! (liars) If you truly lived in the same kind of perpetual tiredness that I am living, you wouldn't have the energy to support the weight of your head, let alone raise your hand.  

So I've discovered that when people say you "really grow up" on a mission, they literally mean "get old" --I feel like i'm about to turn 95. i'm always tired, my back hurts, I eat oatmeal and cracked wheat for breakfast, and I have recently discovered how much i love love love puzzles (oh the horror!!) It won't be long before I'm guzzling my daily prune juice, and telling those hooligans to stay off my lawn!

I kid, but in all seriousness the only time I am not totally and completely tempted to lie down on the floor for a quick snooze, is when I'm supposed to be in bed. It's funny how that works.     

So. Can you believe it? I'm off to California in (counts on fingers out of think I'm kidding) 3 days! Bright and early Tuesday morning, well, not so much bright as the sun will not yet be up, I leave the MTC at 4:30am with 29 other california-going-missionaries. And no, none of them is Riverside Spanish Speaking :(.

I'm very excited so please read the rest of my mission posts with very exaggerated voice inflictions. plenty of exclamations points as well. I don't have enough energy to type them all out.

In other news, I got a present yesterday. i got to receive an overdue tetanus shot (surprise!) Don't worry. I'm milking it for all it's worth. I'm wearing short sleeves so that everyone can see my Snoopy Band-Aid and feel sorry for poor little hermana Thomas.

Well. It's been real. it's been fun. it's been Provo. See you in the sol, sister!  


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