Friday, May 10, 2013

1st P-day

Dear Everyone,
It's way too early for a P-day , but here we are! Let's just begin by saying that I woke up this morning at 5:40 because we had "service" at 6:05. Apparently this entails cleaning out the Elders' rooms and we all establish that SHEET ARE NOT TISSUES! Apparently the Elders are having trouble with this concept. Also...never mind. suffice it to say I am officially scarred.
If you're wondering how I'm liking the MTC (I get this question like 17 times a day in various languages) it's definitely a love-hate relationship. I love the classes for the first two hours, the third is a little difficult to stomach, but that's probably because I have next to no breaks. Learning Spanish is muy dificil, and I can only imagine how difficult it is to be learning a language like Mong or something. Everyone thinks spanish is an "easy language" to learn, but it's still un otro langua! 
My campanera's name (companion) es Hermana Hess, but Hermana Hess is a little difficult for people to say in spanish so she just introduces herself as Hermana Ess. She is the sweetest girl and such a champ to agree to go running with me although we have yet to do that due to various circumstances.  She is from Saratoga Springs so....Bueno.
Also, I forgot to pack the straw with my waterbottle so it legitimetly sounds like a dolphin whenever I drink out of it! My District thinks it's hilarious and sometimes I forget and take a drink in public....i've gotten a few weird looks from people so i just tell them that I'm going dolphin speaking. (most people are not amused.)
Also, the marker that I used to mark my clothes bleeds! My clothes are covered in blue dye. it's pretty attractive.
The number of people I know here is ridiculous. I've seen
Elder Hogan
Elder Mcgee
Elder Jayden
Elder Elskilson
Elder Stuki
Sister Linda (don't remember her last name)
Elder Moffat
Sister Pingree
..there are more but I forget who I've seen.
Also, I definitley have a testimony that the Holy Ghost accompanies missionarries because we've had a few teaching experiences as new missionaries and the Elders.....I'm trying to think of a nice synonym for totally-and-completly-have-no-idea-what-the-heck-is-going-on.
it's an adventure.
I want letters! muchas muchas letters de mis amigos!!!!
I love you all, pray for my Spanish. Es MUY mal.

 love you!

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