Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hola hola mis amores!
Bienvinidos a mi semana segundo! (welcome to my second week)
So basically the motto of the first week was "make it to Sunday."
 I heard that from about 847 different people (give or take a few.) "Just make it to Sunday, just make it to Sunday."
And. it's. so. true.
The spirit on Sunday was like a waterfall of continuous awesomeness and now I'm enjoying every minute (give or take a "service" project) of the MTC!
Some things you should know about mi vida aqui (my life here):
This is the first place where everybody hasn't looked at me and winked when we sing "Hope of Israel." I always expect it, but then I remember that they don't even know my first name!
My classroom, (where I go to and from probably 8 times a day) is on the FIFTH FLOOR. Yeah, and we're not allowed to use the elevator unless we're injured or dealthly ill. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering the pros and cons of breaking my own leg. 
.....I kid. But seriously, my calves are going to be crazy toned by the time I get out of this place. Also, I LOVE my teacher. She's from Argentina and doesn't speak too much English. The best thing is that she's 4 foot 9! That's TEENY!! It's super convenient because she's about our height when we're sitting down. I love her to death. I just want to put her in my pocket and take her to California with me.....which I probably could.

Here's a little photo break. this is me and the the sisters in my district. one of them looks EXACTLY like sandra bullock in real life and the other looks like tess from 27 dresses. You can't tell but I have a name tag and everything! (eep!)
My companion and I have agreed to only talk to eachother in Spanish which is.....una adventura (i'm going to let you guys figure that one out on your own.)  We basically don't know how to say anything so we literally have to bring our dictionaries everywhere. It must be so funny to hear us talk to each other because it takes us 5 minutes to speak two sentences. I sometimes break down when I'm telling stories about my previous life (pre-mish) because I to tell stories.
my favorite feeling in the WORLD is getting mail.
my second favorite feeling in the WORLD is wearing pants.
I love you all and I love you all. If you want to write me using "Dear Elder" they print off the letters so I can receive them the very exact same day that you write it! But be sure that you tell me your email/address-that-you-want-me-to-send-a-letter-to IN the letter, because I REALLY want to write you back, but if you don't give me a return addres/email,  I can't.
Shout-out to everyone who has written me already. I love you MUCHO! I cry with joy every time I get a letter. 
more or less.
-Hermana Thomas       

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  1. They changed my schedule so I didn't get to see Hope in the temple last Friday. Bummer! Maybe this Friday I can chat with her. What great emails she is sending home.