Monday, July 7, 2014

Movin' on to San B and dragging my full heart behind me!

July 7, 2014

All right, all right, I guess there's no use waiting until the end to tell you......I'm getting TRANSFERRED!!!!! 
It feels weird. 

So I've been in this area, in this ward for (as of TO-DAY) 11 months. August 7th 2013-July 7th 2014........this is so crazy! 

I'm going to  (drum-roll please) San Bernardino. This is especially strange because (a little bit 'o' background) before the Redlands mission even existed there were two other missions that covered the Redlands mission area: Riverside mission and San Bernardino mission. Well, I was called to the Riverside mission, and now I'm headin' on over to San. B! (as the locals call it. I gotta get used to this San. B. talk) 

I'm really sad to leave the people here, but at the same time very excited for a new adventure. 

o.k. o.k. Let’s get to the good stuff… The Fourth of July. May I begin this festivity report with a photo: 

Yes. we celebrated the Fourth of July the only way that we really can.....FOOD! We ate hot dogs, chips, fries, slushies, and pizza. Long live America! 

Sadly, we had to be in by 6:00 pm, but we quite enjoyed watching all the Mexican-American celebrations (red white and blue meets carne asada and mariachi bands). 

Second adventure of this week will be introduced with a (slightly modified) saying: "If you can't take the heat, stay out of [Indio California]." Yes, this time they're bringin' on the heat. Things are heating up. We didn't start the fire. ---You get the picture. 

Actually, THIS is the picture. 

So we decided that the name of the game this summer is going to be to walk. Why? Because when you're walking in 113-degree weather (I checked the temperature when we got back) people are more likely to stop you and ask why you're out on such a hot day. THEY contact YOU! Plus, a lot of free water bottles. 

It honestly has been such a pleasure to serve 11 months here in the California Desert, and I'm truly going to miss it, but on to new miracles and wonderful people to meet and love, teach and serve!


Hermana Thomas 

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