Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Out of the dark into the light!

March 31, 2014

Reasons why I am grateful that I am a Sister and NOT an Elder: April Fools Day!! 

Oh I pity the gentlemen who will wake up to their companions putting mayonnaise in their toothpaste tubes. Alas, our a-party-ment will have no such antics as we have all decided to leave each other fool-free. I will sleep well knowing that the promise of a missionary is extra super strong, and consequently my wardrobe will be intact, and the shower-head functioning normally. hoorah for Sisters! 

This week was probably the most difficult I have had on my mission, just based purely on mental exertion and stamina. No, there wasn't a specific reason, but I felt like I was passing through the "mist of darkness" as explained in 1 Nephi chapter 8. (Don't be TOO impressed with my missionary-like scripture referencing. We just read it with one of our investigators.) 

No, the forecast didn't predict such a mentally challenging, rainy-feeling couple of days, but I am truly grateful for what I have learned along the way. I have learned that God is truly mindful of me and loves me as His daughter. He put people in my path who selflessly offered their sincere support and love, as well as dotted my days with many tender mercies. We saw so many miracles and success, including a less active family choosing to change their life around and return to church!! 

And eventually I emerged into the beautiful daylight of joy, of which I am now enjoying. It is true that sometimes you have to have a layover of gray on they way to your destination of light. And how bright that light is! 

Love Hermana Thomas 

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