Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My 7th transfer in Palm Desert...woo hoo!!!!!

April 14, 2014

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Hermana Thomas is going to remain in the same area for the seventh transfer! Yes, you heard correctly, I said SEVENTH. For all of you who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of missionary work, a transfer lasts 6 weeks, and most missionaries get moved every 2-4 transfers so…..woo hoo for miracles! I absolutely LOVE this area and this ward. I have gotten to know them so well and this area is a dream for Spanish missionaries. Todos lo hablan aqui!

So this week we had this big event in the valley which -frankly- I've never actually heard of before in my life; and yet apparently it is this huge deal. It's called "Coachella Fest" and it's two weekends of like a million bazillion music artists (o.k. I exaggerate....but not by much) who come and perform in front of many adoring, hipster clad fans. (What are the young whippersnappers wearing now-a-days?)

--The main point is that this week the streets were bombarded with neon "we need tickets!" posters and the intoxicated paying $40.00 a person for a ride to an over-booked double- priced hotel. Of the questions you are now asking yourself, one of them may be this:  What does this have to do with missionary work?

I shall tell you.

People were walking around town showing proudly what represents them. Their clothes, T-shirts with a band's name on it, beer bottles in their hands, and anything else that makes a statement to the world. Thousands of people would have a one second glance at them, and that was what they were choosing to have represent them. In contrast, I felt a bit out of place with my pass-along cards and dress. As a missionary, and in reality as a member of Christ's church, it's inevitable that we're going to stand out a little bit. But I was so grateful that to the thousands of people that got a one second glance at me; THIS is what represents me, who I am. Even though I felt a little out numbered, I'm glad that I have found true joy and happiness. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ isn't just a brief "good time"; it's a good LIFE. That is the whole point of the gospel anyway; to let us live the best life that we can, and to let us be free from guilt and shame and bad consequences for poor decisions. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to be a missionary and to represent Jesus Christ and His restored church. I LOVE the opportunity to share God’s plan of real joy with everyone I meet.

You're great. This week take a minute to think about what you want to represent, and ponder if someone saw you for just a minute, would they get that message? Just munchies for people who like food for thought.

Love Hermana Thomas

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