Monday, February 10, 2014

Puns and acrostic poetry for your Valentine pleasure!

February 10, 2014

Here you are, I promised you a poem every holiday, and this holiday's edition is acrostic. Mostly because when I think of Valentine’s Day I think of second grade.

Half-used glue sticks left on the counter from pasting paper hearts on a cereal boxes; waaaaay too much glitter that ends up in every cranny of the classroom, and remains there until the end-of-the-year cleaning. Picking out a valentine for everyone in class from those pre-made $1.00 batman ones. ("You make me batty, Valentine" "You're a 'super' friend") That one secret crush whose valentine has TWO Twix bars, hoping that he'll get the hint. And, of course, writing acrostic poems about L O V E.

V is for Very very worn out shoes....which is pretty self explanatory
A is for Almost had a heart attack when I realized that I had hit my half-way mark
L is for Laughing. Which is how I get most of my ab workouts (I live with very funny roommates)
E is for Eating. My activity of choice, especially now that it's Mexican food!
N is for Not sure that they'll get me to go home without strapping me down and forcing me on a plane
T is for Tinkerbell because almost every house I enter has the Disney channel on the background
I is for Investigators because they are what I think about all day.
N is for Nighttime when 8 hours of sleep feels like 8 minutes
E is for Even though I miss you I think I'll stay here another 9 months or so  

Also, for all of those who are interested, I thought I'd give a few ideas of the perfect missionary valentine's gifts this year:

I don't need a rose this valentine's day, just rows of investigators at church. I don't need sweets, just people to hear the sweet words of the gospel. I don't need a fancy date, just people to accept a date for baptism. I don't need little decorations of red. I just want my investigators to have read the Book of Mormon. Rather than a box of conversation hearts, I’d rather have a great conversation about the gospel. I don't need a card written in a fancy font, just the sound of the baptismal font filling up.

I LOVE being a missionary and I LOVE you!

-Hermana Thomas

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