Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Final Holiday Poem

October 27, 2014

I bet you thought I FORGOT I am supposed to write you a poem every holiday! well, I didn't. Here is my Halloween poem for this year. 

The scariest thing this Halloween 
will not be midnight cats 
Twill not be boys with werewolf masks  
or girls in witches hats 

the thing to frighten most of all 
with not knock at my door 
won't hide around the corner
will not deafen with its roar 

The thing I dread creeps subtly 
drawing closer every day 
it sits upon my wall and  
looks intently at its prey 

it salivates with waiting eyes 
I'm trying to ignore
it stares at me uncomfortably 
when I walk across the floor 

it draws nearer ever nearer 
though I'll never see it roam 
it’s the date marked on my calendar 
for when I'm going home  

Yes. One of the things I am most frightened of is not doing everything I possibly can while still here in the field. I have loved my mission so much and I know that I will miss it dearly. But I will also begin a new adventure. Here's to conquering scary things! 

-Hermana Thomas