Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too much fun in San B!

August 18, 2014

bum bum bum bum bum bum -da da da da da dadada duh duh. duh duh duh dada da da da duh duh. duh duh duh duh duh duh dada. duh duh duh dada duh. duh duh duh. 

did you get that? it's the song from the parent trap. the "new" one, although it was Lindsey Lohan pre-freak out which seems like it was a while ago. Wondering why I brought it up? glad you asked. I just found out this week that part of that movie was filmed in my area!!! evidence? ok ok here you go 

​here's the lake where one blonde step-mother-to-be may or may not have woken up on a floating air mattress. yep. I'm pretty much famous. 


this week was exciting and adventure-filled. First of all, i had my very first "herbal life" shake. One of our investigators sells herbal life at her house. what's the proper term for that? distributor? that doesn't sound right. Where's google when you need him? Anyway, she invited us over to try the "breakfast" a.k.a. lots of herbal teas and such and then a shake. I must admit it was very delicious. The best part was meeting her friends and seeing how well she took care of them. Martha, our investigator, really cares about people taking care of their bodies. She is so sincere in her desire to heal. When we taught her the word of wisdom she bore her testimony that she already knew that it was true. She is amazing!

 also, we got to go to a boda (wedding). They got married on saturday, and the husband got baptized Sunday. 

 Probably my favorite Mexican wedding tradition is that the second dance of the evening (after that of the bride and groom) is for anyone to come up and dance with the newlyweds. They tape a dollar onto the bride's dress and then "cut in" and dance with either the bride or groom until the next person tapes a dollar. Such a fun idea! 

It was fun to have so many adventures this week and then top it all off with three baptisms in our ward! We just got news that Hermana McCartt and I are both staying in San Bernardino for the next transfer so I should be blogging about some miracles soon!

 Have the greatest week!  Much love, 

-Hermana Thomas 

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