Monday, June 16, 2014

My companion's conversion story

June 16, 2014

You know when you have a friend and you're with them "like 24/7?” well false. I am with MY friend literally 24/7. Her name is Hermana.....or that's what I call her anyway. Hermana Granado is the name and I would like to share with you her conversion story (with permission of course). (As I write this I realize that we have been together for 3 weeks and still have no pictures together. wow. I will consider that my homework for this week.) 

So my lovely little miss Hermana Granado was not always a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. In fact, she hasn't even been a member 3 whole years. So (rewinding the clock) 

Three-ish years ago, she was sitting with her cousins and suddenly she had a desire to regain a relationship with God. She had gone to a church with her mom for a like a year and a half, but hadn't been for 6 or so years. Not knowing where to start, and thinking that no one would recognize her if she went back to the same church, she started thinking of people she could possibly ask about religion. One of her best friends was always unavailable to do anything on Sunday because of his church. She decided that he seemed like a pretty dedicated church-goer so she texted him and asked what he believed. He may or may not have gotten a little enthusiastic and started sending her 13 page text messages (she does not recommend this) and inviting her to everything: seminary, church, youth activities, mutual, anything and everything. 

She began going to some things, but she became frustrated because she couldn't understand everything being taught. The first time she went to church she felt out of place and resolved never to go back....a month later she tried again (atta girl!) and began receiving the missionary discussions. After a couple of months of reading the Book of Mormon for an hour every night (she REALLY wanted to make sure it was true) she decided that she wanted to get baptized, but her family was really against it. Since she didn't live with either her father or mother, she held the bonds with her cousins really dear. She decided she wouldn't get baptized. Still, she continued going to church and participating in ALL activities (she tells me that one time she was asked to work during the summer of girls camp and she told her boss "if you make me work over girl's camp I'll quit.") 

When she went to girl's camp she decided she was going to get baptized! The friend who had introduced her to the church baptized her. And now, less than 3 years later she is on a mission and is an amazing missionary at that. I love her and admire all of her courage and dedication. She’s amazing and I get to be her companion! 

-hermana Thomas 

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