Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ask and ye shall receive

May 19,2014

Sometimes God is direct.

We were walking around some apartments the other day trying to find someone we had given a Book of Mormon to. Amidst our search we saw a door with a hanging ceramic acorn on it. (Typical Indio d├ęcor) The acorn read,  "bless this house."

My companion and I looked at each other and knocked on the door. A lady answered who seemed quite bewildered as to why we were standing on her doorstep. We asked her if she knew where Becky lived. She responded by shaking her head. I asked her if she knew Spanish and her face lit up. "si si!" (hmmmmm....what luck) We told her that we were the missionaries and asked her if we could say a prayer to bless her home. She consented and let us into her house and on to her delightfully squishy sofas. (Did I mention that we've been walking around a lot?) We got to know her, offered a prayer, and when we were finished, she said that she would be interested in hearing our message.

This was a lesson to me that we don't always get direction from the Lord in the way we expect, sometimes when a ceramic acorn says to bless a house… bless the house!

Blessings on you,

-Hermana Thomas

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