Monday, March 10, 2014

Movie night on the mish

March 10, 2014

Movie night!!!! Bring on the popcorn, bring on the soda, bring on the barbecue pringles (the strange addictions you develop on your mission.......) because this week was movie night for us and our investigators. Explanation to follow: 

We are always trying new things to do with our investigators to build their faith, and this week, we watched "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" with them and some members of the ward. All in all, quality film, highly recommended for children and adults of all ages. Rated G for Great-scott-that-was-a-nice-film! 

But really, it was such a unique chance to be able to feel the spirit with one of our investigators who wants to get baptized this month. She is so great. About once a week she starts the lesson off telling us that she doesn't have time for us to come by anymore and by the time we leave, she has promised to make a greater effort to read the Book of Mormon, and try to get work off on Sunday. It is such a great testimony builder to me of how people already know the right things to do, and they WANT to do them. All it takes is an invitation from someone, and it clicks. How much potential do we have stored up, just waiting for permission to release it? 

This week, go ahead, Be awesome. Because you are!


Hermana Thomas

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