Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's all about families!

choo choo! what's that coming down the mission track?

A Train(er) and her Train(ee)!!!!

So yes, being a trainer has been fun. My new companion's name is Hermana Deroche from the exotic land of West Jordan, Utah.  She's 69 inches, and has a full head of brown hair. Congratulations, it's a trainee and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

So I guess that every transfer I must go through some intense bodily turmoil because this week I picked up a really bad cold from one of our investigators. We're sharing all sorts of things over in Cali. the gospel.....germs.....great times!

Lesson #1 part two:
First things first, did you keep the commitment and write down ways that the Lord has blessed you? I hope so! If yes, go treat yourself to a small ice cream or something. If no, today’s a GREAT day to start.

O.k. Part two of this lesson is all about how the gospel blesses families.  The gospel is: the truth about all things, including and specifically centered on the teachings of Christ about God's plan for us. This Plan includes what happened before this life (where we come from), What we need to do while on earth (why we're here) and what will happen after we die (where we're going.)   

Knowing these truths blesses our families by helping us become more unified, bringing peace into our home, and giving us a place of refuge from the turmoil and confusion of the world.

God gave us families to be a blessing to us in this life. They are often our closet friends, and sources of happiness and comfort. Although no family is perfect it still is the most important social unit in the world.  Embracing these gospel truths will hopefully motivate us to treat our family members more lovingly and to be more patient with each other.  Living the gospel principles as a family will invite the much-needed spirit of peace into our homes.  This is indeed good news!

For your commitment this week I invite you to give a compliment to someone in your family every day, and see how this strengthens your relationship.

Thanks for all your love, encouragement and prayers!  I’m truly grateful! 

Hermana Thomas

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