Monday, September 9, 2013

Current status: Missionary/coupon clipper/sleep laugher

Be worried for me. I have finally started doing the unthinkable. I have conceded to do that which I never have done, and as such, am morphing into a super-market super-villain.

I am a cashier's worst nightmare,

I’m the “in-a-rush” mom's worst fear.

I am the sworn enemy of all 10-items-or-less lanes.


The Coupon Clipper!

Yes, yes, you may make a grave for my youth, for my frivolous spending, for my blind, oblivious teenager-esque grocery trips. 78 cents for macaroni and cheese? No more!  "The Coupon Clipper" has a 20 cent coupon from this week's penny saver. (Oh woe to the fact that "penny saver" is now in my vocabulary)

Well.... I guess it's not as bad as all of that, but it does cause quite a delay for: "My name is: Rosa"…who was hoping to take her break in 5 minutes.

Why have I started clipping you ask? Because I, (the former, oblivious, frivolous me) learned that I had $6.15 left on my food card the last week of the month,(the week before the card was reloaded)… and buying a week’s worth of food for six dollars was.......a challenge. Therefore I have decided to go against every teenage grain in my body and start to actually spend my money wisely. ALSO, we're using the leftover coupons to make THIS…   

da-da-DAH! piñatas!!!! piñatas. These are pictures of my companions by the way. Have you met? Oh good, I can introduce you to them before we have transfers next week. On the left is Hermana Taboada and on the right is Hermana Sudweeks.

I love these people!

So, kind of a slow week as to actually teaching lessons (boo.) BUT we were able to FIND a lot of people, so hopefully next week we can teach a lot more!

In this week’s blog post I’m going to do something a little bit new. Instead of a WIWTK, I'm going to start lack of a better word, Segment titled:

Do you want to take the lessons from me through this blog?

Reasons why you should say “yes.”

If you are currently a member:

 1. You can actually know exactly what the missionaries are going to teach your friends or referrals, and you won't have to be nervous.

2. Haven’t you wondered what missionaries are teaching anyway?

3. It’s always good to review the fundamentals of the gospel in their simplest form.

4. They are guaranteed to be a spiritual pick-me up!

5. They are a REALLY good way to invite your friends to check out the church without any pressure. You could even (here's an idea) read the lessons WITH them! (Just in case they have any questions, and if you want to bear testimony of a principle)

If you're not a member:

1. To find and better understand the basic beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints  

2. You’re thinking about inviting the Mormon missionaries into your home, but aren't sure because you don't know what they'll teach, here you go!

3. Spiritual edification!

4. There is absolutely no pressure. AND you can always write to me and I will answer your questions. Or you can get in contact with the missionaries in your area and they will answer your question happily in person!

If you're a returned missionary:

1. See " if you're a member"

2. It’s yet another chance to bear your testimony by leaving a comment!

Anyone is free to comment. Everyone is encouraged to invite someone else to read. Sound like a plan? O.k. next week I will begin with the first principle of the first lesson.

You’re awesome. Pretty much you just make me smile. And sleep-laugh (which is apparently something I do? I didn’t know about this but all of my companions have told me I do.)

lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove times in-fin-I-ty

Hermana Thomas

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