Monday, July 1, 2013

What I wish they understood!

July 1, 2013

Yes, it's true, I was on my deathbed this week.
 I won't go into all the gory details because I have other things I want to talk about, so we're going to make this FAST! I got super sick in the middle of the night on Wednesday and had to stay at two member's houses for the next two days. One of the members had an ADORABLE daughter who brought me bananas on her very-own-super-special-Dora-the-Explorer-tray.

 It's always nice to be reminded that "Puedo ser Una verdadera Princesa!" (I can be a real princess!)  

On a semi-related note, when I was lying down in the car, trying not to throw up (that would have made for some fun P-day Cleaning), I accidentally squished our friend the cricket who was, yes, still alive. Rest in Peace, Jiminy. Now I have a guilty "conscience."

Just for an F.Y.I, I don't want any of you to think that just because I'm in the States, I'm getting cushy-wushy food. I have eaten some pretty.....non-U.S. things including cactus and Horchata. 

Bleh would be putting it mildly, ---although I really appreciate the members' efforts to feed me. I eat luke-warm chicken, rice and beans about 5 days out of the week. (Ay carumba!) 

Concerning smoking: If you knew me in my previous life (pre-mission) and were ever near me when I was around anything that ever smelled like anything that could ever possibly resemble smelling somewhat similar to cigarette smoke, then you will know that it is probably my least favorite smell in the whole universe. Granted, I have only smelled the smells of one planet in a very large universe, but I'm still pretty confident in that statement. 


Most of the people that we talk to are outside, and they are outside because they are......(wait for it)......smoking. Surprisingly, and mercifully, it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to, and it has gotten to the point where I'm actually grateful for it, because it gives us an opportunity to meet people.

 When I was younger I used to put cheese in the microwave (I still do sometimes. shhh, don't tell) and when it started to smoke I would say "the smell of success!" Now, whenever I smell cigarette smoke I think "the smell of success!" because it means that we're about to meet someone new! Ever heard of the saying "where there's smoke, there’s fire?" Well, in California, where there's smoke, there's a missionary. 

I would now like to introduce a segment into my blog that I would like to call: "What I wish they understood." 

One of the most frustrating things about being a missionary is that when you meet people, often they will NOT listen to you! Please note that I did NOT say that they will not TALK to you, because they will talk. Oh, will they talk. But they routinely will not listen to what you have to say (which can be frustrating, especially when they ask questions and then won't listen to the answers. Do you want to know or not??) In this segment, I would like to bear parts of my testimony that I would share if people would listen to me when they say certain things. 

For example: In this segment, I would like to respond to probably the most common response we get when talking to people on the street. 

Us: Hello! how are you to---- (they see our name tags)

Them: are you with a church or something? 

Us: Yes, we're----

Them: Oh, I already know Jesus. You don't have to talk to me. 

Whenever I try to respond to this, they cut me off, insisting over and over again that they already know Jesus, and therefore don't need us.  

What I wish they understood: 

Knowing Christ isn't simply accepting the fact that He lived, and that He was the Son of God. His existence can be proved through many historical records, and religious and non-religious people alike acknowledge his existence as a being. Just as Buddha lived, Gandhi lived, and Mother Theresa lived, the fact that you know Christ lived isn't equal with knowing his Diving identity.

 Some people we come in contact with say, "I've accepted Jesus" which is better. This implies knowing that he was the Son of God, a perfect Being, and the ultimate example for our lives. But then these same people who say they accept Christ, do things directly contrary to His teachings. They seem to think that as long as we know He was the Son of God and that through grace we are saved, we're good, there's nothing else we really need to do. If this were the case, Christ would have just come down, died for our sins, and then returned to heaven. The Atonement would have been complete.

But He didn't. He TAUGHT. He preached the things we should do, the way we should live. He gave us the keys to live in the happiest way possible. This is why we, as Mormons, do the things we do, and don't do the things that we don't do… because Jesus taught them. If we really accept Christ, and that He is our perfect example, sent from heaven to teach us, then why wouldn't we do everything in our power to try to be like him, to live according to his teachings? It's not enough to simply accept that we can only be saved by grace (which is true.) We need to constantly strive to be better and follow what He taught. Why? Because He showed us and taught us the way. And He is the Son of God

Les Quiero, MUCHISIMO! 

Write me. 
no really. write me.

-Hermana Thomas 

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  1. She has a gift with words. That was such a motivating email. I love her analogy of cigarette smoke.