Monday, July 8, 2013

Only YOU can prevent your dad from thinking that lighting all the fireworks at once is a good idea.

July 8, 2013

Bueno bueno bueno. 

so we're going to take a pop quiz. SURPRISE!----- Don't worry, it's only one question and it's open note, open-neighbor, open internet, open that-one-coworker-that-kind-of-speaks-spanish. 

1. What does "agua" mean? 

.......everyone finished?
Yes, you can correct your own test, but no cheating. You're on your honor here. 

1. Not water. let me say that again. Agua does NOT MEAN WATER. Confused? Welcome to the first three weeks of my Californian existence. Apparently, "agua" means any liquid that could possibly be digested by a human stomach (excluding soda, which they appropriately call "soda") --- it took me about 25 days to realize that if I wanted water, I had to ask for "agua puro." Honestly I don't even know why the word for juice even exists in Spanish, because "agua" ranges from SunnyD to raspberry lemonade. so just a tip: if you're ever ask for "agua"'re rollin' the dice. 

Second item of business: 

So as I'm sure you're aware, two very important holidays occurred this past week. I don't blame you if you have only heard of one of them, as it is much more well known, and much more important than the other. The lesser known holiday is called "The Fourth of July" It's a traditional American holiday celebrated by most families with fireworks, parades, BBQs, and a plethora of Red, white and Blue. It’s also the official D-Day for the burn unit of the E.R. Seriously kids. Only YOU can prevent your dad from thinking that lighting all the fireworks at once is a good idea. This year, I celebrated the independence of America like a Mexicana, complete with tortillas, pico, and carne.........OLE! It was a blast!!!!

The other holiday was OBVIOUSLY my half-birthday, and I'm sure you all threw lively, day-long parties complete with streamers and cheesecake. My celebratory activities consisted of enthusiastically drawing pictures of cupcakes and balloons in my planner. Officially 19.5, whoop whoop!! 

 Whilst driving I found a street with the same name as my home address in Utah. How Fun! 

Third item of Business:

I feel sorry for every missionary who has ever served in any part of the world that is not Redlands California, because my new Mission President is SUPREME! He and his family arrived this week, and their children range from 7-19 years in age. The seven year old is probably the second cutest child to ever have been born, second only to Shirley Temple. (because, let's be honest, who can resist her "animal crackers in my soup?") 

I. love. them. 

Last item of business: 

another what I wish they understood--

many times when we start talking to people, they immediately try talking about some random point of obscure deep doctrine somewhere in our church. They are fixated on this one point and refuse to talk about anything else.

What I wish they understood: 

When one goes to the first day of "Intro to Beginner's Biology 101" they do not bring a copy of "The Advanced Biology of Intricate Ecosystems Level 8." and ask the teacher a question about something written on page 786. They simply need to know the basics first. The same holds true when people on the street bring up the deep doctrine of our church. They associate "Mormons" with this one aspect, without knowing our basic beliefs. Without knowing the basics, no one can understand the more intricate parts because I can honestly say that yes, it DOES all interconnect, it DOES all make sense, but in reality, the basics are the most important parts of our gospel anyway. I have learned much more since, but everything I really needed to know about our church, I learned in Primary. So yes, we can answer their questions, but it doesn't make sense without first understanding the basics.  

I love being a missionary I love being a (kinda) Californian, I love buying whatever I want at the grocery store, I love wearing my nametag, I love wearing a watch (who knew?!), and I still secretly love puzzles. 

I love YOU. Write me letters por favor.* 


Hermana Thomas 

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